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Who we are.....

Uppal Media are market leaders in offering the complete high-end Asian Wedding Photography & Cinematography solution. From intimate to grand luxury weddings, we strive on pushing boundaries to deliver creative, stylish and comprehensive photos and films.

Our Leeds based studio formed in 2009 with the aim of providing exceptional photo and cinema services to Indian Bride and Grooms across the whole of the UK. With this in mind, we brought together a team of highly talented photographers and cinematographers who share our passion and vigour for Asian Weddings.

We've built our ethos around unifying the Photo and Video disciplines and this is what sets us apart as an Asian Wedding Photography company. We operate as one cohesive team on all Hindu and Sikh Weddings so that our clients benefit from consistently high quality productions.

Maintaining the finest standards and exclusivity is important to us. We therefore only take on a limited amount of assignments per year, and certainly no more than one on any given weekend.

We are proud of the fact that the team of skilled artists who deliver what you see in our Indian Wedding Photography and Cinematography portfolios are the same professionals that would capture your wedding. This means that if you like what you see, then you can be assured we will fulfil your expectations.

What we do.....

We instinctively shoot natural moments and embrace the purity of every detail and emotion of your wedding day. Our style can be defined as a blend of 'reportage meets formal' as we believe this allows us to produce our photographs and videos in the most elegant and complete manner.

We have a relaxed contemporary approach and ensure non-intrusive methods are used in all our Asian Wedding productions. We do not take over or dictate how your day unfolds - we sincerely mean this.

Our Director of Photography forms your single point of contact. He seamlessly controls and co-ordinates the entire photo and cinema team to adapt to your wedding and achieve the most stunning results.

We use the latest industry leading 35mm DSLR cameras for both photo and video. This allows us to blend in with your guests and really get in amongst the action. These cameras combined with superior lenses help us achieve the cinematic look and feel that can be seen in our Asian Wedding Cinematography portfolio. We are perfectionists and ensure that the quality of these short films extends to our main feature films. We encourage you to see this for yourself during the consultation process.

We tailor our pre and post production to each individual client, in order to accomplish our aim of complete satisfaction. When we attend your wedding, we become connected to you, your family and your friends. Its only then that we truly appreciate who and what is important to you. This is why the team that shoots your wedding are the same people who edit the photographs and video.

Capturing Asian Weddings is not a sideline business for us. We don't have alternative day jobs and attempt to earn additional income on weekends. We are full time, we are professionals, we are experienced and this is our passion. This is exactly why we deliver what we do - High-end Asian Wedding Photography & Cinematography.

We would love to hear about your wedding plans, so please do not hesitate to contact us.