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Scenic North Wales Engagement Beach Shoot

July 15th 2013
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After thinking long and hard about where to have their Pre Wed Engagement Shoot, Manisha and Jazz decided that the scenic town of Llandudno in North Wales would be ideal for the beach shoot concept that they had in mind. 

There were storm clouds brewing as we pulled up in the car park by the beach. The strong cold wind made us think that this was not going to go to plan. However, after a spot of lunch Manisha and Jazz decided to brave the elements and do what needed to be done. 

Getting into the sea towards the end of the shoot was fun, even though the locals thought we must be out of our minds - judging by their expressions. They were probably right!

We have to give them huge credit for throwing themselves into this head on. They braved the tough conditions and pulled off a very succesful Engagement Shoot.

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