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What happens when a Scottish Groom Comes to Yorkshire?

October 01st 2016
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Here we have an example of Sikh Wedding Photography and Cinematography telling the story of a Scottish groom coming to Yorkshire. Randeep, our groom, along with his family and friends made the 5 hour journey down from Gourock in Scotland to Leeds where his stunning bride Pawan would await. The Sikh Wedding Ceremony took place at The Sikh Temple on Chapeltown Road in Leeds. The reception party followed at The Centenary Pavilion on Elland Road in Leeds, where we got to witness first hand how the Scots like to party. 

Some big guns were pulled out at the reception with Kudos in control of the DJ responsibilities and an epic live performance by the one and only Jazzy B. There will have been some tired faces on the coach back to Scotland but they sure didn't let it show at the party.

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