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Asian Wedding Cinematography

Asian Wedding Cinematography

Our Indian Wedding Cinematography is a fusion of cinematic and documentary film styles. We take the natural approach through filming discreetly and without interrupting the flow. Using our creativity we then add a blend of cinema style shots with specialist cameras and equipment. The result is a balanced film that provides a true and complete reflection of your wedding day.

The video team is led by our Cinematography Director and comprises of award winning skilled individuals, who exclusively shoot weddings for Uppal Media. These professional camera operatives are accustomed to Indian Wedding traditions and have a wealth of experience.

All our Cinematography films are produced to the highest level and shot entirely with full frame 35mm HDSLR cinematic cameras and lenses (further details of our extensive equipment can be found below).

We put real thought into how your wedding video is crafted and ensure it truly represents all aspects of the art of film-making. We don't just compile masses of slider shots or excessively rely on crane shots. All our cinematic equipment is used sparingly and in a tactful way to assist us in producing refined and engaging films.

Audio is considered to be 50% of the production. This is why we take it very seriously and ensure everything is captured to optimal sound levels, using broadcast quality microphones and external recorders.

We edit and present your film to any desired length and make sure that the quality of the footage is consistent throughout, i.e. to the same high standard as seen in our highlights. We don't hide behind these short compilations and encourage you to view our extended films.

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Services Offered
  • Up to 4 Indian Wedding Cinematographers
  • Filming with 3-4 Cinematic HD 35mm Cinematic Cameras
  • Slider Dolly
  • Handheld Camera Stabilising Gimbal
  • Mini Jib Crane
  • 15ft Crane with Remote Head and Operator
  • Aerial Drone with Certified Pilot
  • Cinematic Highlights
  • Extended or Short Film Edit (inclusive of Client Music Input)
  • Professional Colour Correction and Sound Mixing
  • DVD or Blu-ray 1080p HD Format
Cameras & Lenses:

1 x Sony FS5 Super 35 Camera, 3 x ​Sony A7Sii Mirrorless Cameras, 1 x Nikon 35mm, 1 x Nikon 50mm F1.4, 1 x Nikon 85mm F1.4, 1 x Nikon 135mm F2.0, 2 x Nikon 24-70mm F2.8, 1 x Nikon 14-24mm F2.8

Support/ Grip:

2 x 1m Slider, 1 x Mini Jib Crane, 1 x Movi Gimbal, 3 x Manfrotto 504 Heads, 2 x Manfrotto Tripod Legs


4 x HDV-Z96 LED Lights 


1 x Rode NTG2 Microphone, 1 x Rode Video Mic Pro, 1 x Rode Stereo Mic, 4 x Zoom H1 Recorder, 1 x Zoom H4n Recorder, 1 x Sennheiser Wireless EW100 G3 Mic Packs.